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    Try Ham365!

    Ham365 is the technological and graphical advancement of Ham365 and share the same database then the operations made on produce effects on Ham365 and vice versa.

    Even more languages: Indonesian

    Indonesian language has been added. Many thanks to YB4HQ

    Telegram channel

    From today it is active a new channel on Telegram by which to receive iQSL (Instant QSL), spot from DX Cluster, alerts, etc.

    Big news: Ham365 is coming soon

    We have been worked for a long time on a complete code refactoring on Now we are about ready, you can try the debugging version on

    Even more languages

    After Bulgarian, Catalan, Dutch and Svedish now also Romanian language has been added. Many thanks to LZ1VKI, EA3W, PD9DP, SA6WAL, YO2OS

    Meeting rooms

    In times of covid-19 we thought we'd give the possibility to meet old and new friends through our pages. You can open the page "Meeting rooms" to join in a room or to schedule a meeting with your friends. When a meeting is running you can invite up to 5 friends using them callsign. Take good care of yourself and your family. - more than 55,000 users reached 55,000 users in March 2020 !!! issue - solved

    Thanks to the collaboration whith's engineers the issue has been solved. Logbook was not longer visible visiting in Google Chrome.

    *** issue ***

    When visiting page in Google Chrome, logbooks are not longer visible. We are working together with's technician to solve the problem.

    European General Data Protection Regulation

    European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on May 25th,'s programmers is working hard to make the website compliant with it. From today, after the login operation, you will be redirected to a page where you have to give consent the process of your personal data. This will only be a few moments, thank you so much for your cooperation.

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Welcome to JH7BKN
SP4NDY: You have worked Swains Island. Just reached 268 countries!


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  • Queue size: 0

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